My specialty is in motion design for events and trade shows, digital-signage and point-of-sale applications, public spaces, LED advertising for sport venues, multiscreen animations and other such cases. I also do video editing and create motion graphics for use in broadcast TV, cinema advertising and for online use.

In addition, I offer all the usual design work including logo & corporate design, brochures, books, flyers, postcards, invitations etc.

You should get in touch with me if you have any questions.

50 Years Spital Limmattal Logo

Graphic Design   Special Edition Logo for 50 Years of Spital Limmattal


Graphic Design   Logo Design for ARGO IT-Platform

Animation   Infomovie for the Swiss Federal Office of Sport & TwoThirty Productions. Illustrations by Christoph Frei, Sound Design by Dave Ponzio.

Animation   Corporate Motion Design for Uster Technologies. Sound Design by Christian Riesen. Don’t miss the article on my blog!

Animation   Stage Visuals for Vivaldi Reloaded by Zürcher Kammerorchester & Swisscom Event & Media Solutions

Pimp My CV

Photography   Concept & Pictures for Pimp My CV

Animation   Motion Design for Spital Limmattal. Sound Design by Dave Ponzio.

Animation   Visual Concept & Animation for Swisscom All IP Infomovie 2018

Animation   Stage Visuals for Digitalsymphony by Zürcher Kammerorchester. More Info here.

Animation   Swisscom Games Opening. Sound Design by Dave Ponzio.

Animation   Rioja Wines – Spot for Allianz Open Air Cinema. Sound Design by Dave Ponzio.

Animation   Visual Concept & Animation for Swisscom All IP Infomovie 2017

Animation   Best of Swiss Gastro 2017 Award Event – Opening Animation & Visual Design of Event Content

Film   Kakejiku – Making of a Japanese Hanging Scroll (YouTube version here)

Fink Different – Logo, Letterhead and Business Card

Graphic Design   Logo, Letterhead and Business Card for Fink Different

Portrait of Kathy

Photography   Portrait of Kathy

Tokyo with Mt. Fuji

Photography   Tokyo with Mt. Fuji

Icons for AXA Insurance

Graphic Design   Icons for AXA Insurance

Portrait of Judith

Photography   Portrait of Judith

Illustrations for Suva

Graphic Design   Illustrations for Suva

Portrait of designer Oliver Reichenstein

Photography   Portrait of designer Oliver Reichenstein

Film   20TOKYO10

Film   Tokyo Timelapse